Resilience has always been hard for me. On my own, when faced with hardship, grief, worries…my go-to is fight or flight. But even as I type this I noticed the words…on my own. That’s the problem. 

I love the book Resilient by John Eldredge. “But at some point, we have to replenish those reserves, or we will burn out. In this pivotal book for our times, John Eldredge validates the weariness we feel and points us to the only way we can recover our joy: through Jesus’ provision of supernatural resilience.”

I love his free app, too - Pause. You can find it in the App Store. It’s a simple plan to help you become resilient and the beginning of a new way of living. “Your soul is going to thank you.”

If any of this interests you, and you are local, you are invited to join my 5 week book study put on through Lakeside Church. This sign up is located HERE and you’ll need to scroll down to Study Groups to find it!  We’ll enjoy a bit of dessert, fellowship, video, and discussion! 

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