Our journal went LIVE on Kickstarter yesterday, 4/13/24, and funded within 3 1/2 hours! Woo hoo! I had one person write and ask me “How does this restore your soul?” Can a journal on its own restore a soul? No. But, it is my hope that if someone is intentional about spending time with God each morning, reflecting, praying, listening…HE will restore their soul. The journal is a tool to help guide you! Here’s how I start each day:

I get up on a work day at 4:25 am. Shower, dress, come downstairs and make my breakfast. Usually it’s eggs and veggies 🥦 🥕, a smoothie, or yogurt and berries. (The photo is my breakfast while vacationing in Italy!) Then, I make an espresso. I have a fabulous machine and sometimes I’ll try to create latte art (which I have not been successful at…yet!). I sit down and still myself. 

I begin my “devotional time” with an app called Pause by Wild at Heart. I love the app because it helps me focus time on God. I release my distractions, and I give everything up to God. I tell God how much I love him. Sometimes I’ll add on the app Lectio 365 as well. Then, I use my Restoring My Soul journal.  I’ve already completed the first step in the journal which is to take a minute to silence yourself and focus attention on loving God. Next, I release my worries of the day by writing things down. I imagine myself releasing them out of my mind and the paper soaking them up and God taking them. I read the Truth and Scripture of the day.  After I’ve read the scripture, I close my eyes and ask God what he wants me to learn from it. With each chapter is a theme, and I think about the verse and how it relates to the theme. Then I write whatever comes to my head! I finish my time writing down praise and gratefulness and a prayer. 

Does this devotional time take time? Yes. It is intentional. That’s why I get up at 4:25 instead of 5:00. I know everybody is not a morning person, and you may choose to use this time in the evening after the home is quiet. I like it in the morning because it sets the tone for my day. Rather than feeling rushed, I feel refreshed. 

After you receive your journal 📓, try it for a week. See if your soul begins to restore!

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