So Excited You Are Here!!

This journal is designed for those that crave more peace and need to hand their worries over to God. It is designed to restore your soul!

It comes with 7 sections:

Pause - This first section is vital to spiritual growth. Our world is chaotic and it’s easy to have a lot going on in our head! Take just one minute to breathe, pause, and quiet yourself. 

Release - You will work on releasing your worries over to God in this section. 

Truth - This is a basic truth about God’s love. Do you know how much He adores you?

Scripture - Our verses are centered around the character of Christ. 

Reflect - Our journal is easy! Reflect on what God is teaching you through the daily verse

Praise - Gratitude always helps the soul. Take time to tell God what you are thankful for - give Him the praise!

Prayer - End your time speaking with God.